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Celebrate Spring with Nadia Ali!

Happy spring, parents, librarians, book fanatics, writers, and readers of all sorts! We're officially kicking off our Spring into Storytime event with the incredibly talented Nadia Ali. Nadia is here to celebrate her newest release, Humphrey the Egg-splorer (illustrated by Valentí Gubianas). Humphrey, an adventurous egg, isn't letting Humpty Dumpty's fall get him down or discouraged. Instead, he sets out to be an egg-splorer, not at all worried about his fragile shell. Want to know more about Nadia and her adorable MC, Humphrey, plus, want a chance to win your very own copy? Read on...

Q: Hi, Nadia! #SeasonsOfKidLit is so excited you could join us today to talk about your

newest book Humphrey the Egg-splorer. Humphrey looks like the perfect read for spring!

First, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you became a children's book author?

A: Hi Heather and thanks for having me on #SeasonsofKidLit. I was born in London, UK and currently live in the Caribbean with my husband and two married daughters. I began freelancing as a greeting card writer. I loved the creativity and brevity of this market which, at the time was booming. Thereafter, I started writing features and articles for online sites and in magazines. I began writing picture books and in 2016 my first book ‘Pirates in the Library’ was published. Since then, I joined 12x12 with Julie Hedlund and now have an agent.

I love that you started out as a greeting card writer. How fascinating, Nadia! Thanks for sharing that with us.

Q: Humphrey the Egg-splorer follows Humphrey the egg, an egg that doesn't consider himself to be fragile like his grandfather Humpty Dumpty. Rather than being scared of the big fall Humpty had, Humphrey sets out to explore! This is such a cute premise for a book. How did your idea for Humphrey the Egg-splorer come about?

A: Humphrey the Egg-splorer was an idea sparked from reading Dan Santat’s After the Fall (How Humpty Got Back Up Again). I’ve always enjoyed the realm of nursery rhymes and fairy tales and it got me thinking about how Humpty could appeal to today’s generation. That’s when the idea of Humphrey his grandson came to mind. Humphrey would continue the story where his grandpa’s ended except for one big difference – he wants to become stronger so he doesn’t crack.

Q: Valentí Gubianas's illustrations are quite impressive - you must've been thrilled when seeing some of the early sketches and samples of their work. Can you share some of your favorite spreads with us and tell us why they're your favorite?

A: First, I want to thank Valenti for his vision and creativity in bringing Humphrey to life. As an author, seeing my words transformed into pictures is beyond amazing! Valenti used warm, radiant colors that appeal and welcome readers to each page. One of my favorite spreads is the one with a fierce, fire-breathing dragon one side and an erupting volcano and a blazing sun on the other. What a strange combination in a story about an egg, but you’ll just have to read the book to find out what part they play.

Q: What main takeaway do you hope readers of all ages will have from Humphrey the Egg-splorer?

A: I hope the readers feel the sense of importance Humphrey places on becoming stronger. He does not give up or listen to what the other eggs say and nor does he feel bad about sticking to his plan. So, I hope the readers learn to be strong, be positive and let their adventure begin.

Q: What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future?

A: At the moment, I am about to prepare for the release of ‘Humphrey the Egg-splorer.’ So, you will see a marketing campaign. As far as future projects go, I always have a work-in-progress and my agent Joyce has something special of mine on submission.

Thank you again for having me on #SeasonsOfKidLit! And may the readers be strong, be positive and let their adventure begin - just like Humphrey the Egg-splorer.

What a wonderful message for young readers, Nadia! Thanks again for joining us!

Spring into Storytime Giveaway!

Nadia is offering a very spring-y giveaway: a chance to win your very own copy of her adorable picture book, Humphrey the Egg-splorer!

Giveaway Details: To enter to win:

Leave a comment below and let Nadia know why you're excited to read Humphrey the Egg-splorer!

The winner will be chosen on or about Tuesday, 4/2!

*Note: books will be shipped in the US only.

Bonus: Those who leave a comment on all posts will be eligible to win one (1) of two (2) 15-minute Zoom Ask Me Anything chats with Heather and/or Lynne Marie!

About Nadia Ali:

Nadia Ali is a freelance writer, author and blogger. She was born in London, UK, and now resides in the Caribbean. Her work has been published online and in print. She is the author of children's books. She has contributed to a number of books with a story, article, biography or feature.

For more about Nadia, you can follow here:

Twitter: @NadiaAwriter

To Pre-order Humphrey, check out the below links!

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To purchase Nadia's books, or to leave a review for them, click here.



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22 comentários

Another adorable Easter book. Thanks for the pointers! Posted on Twitter.


30 de mar. de 2023

I'm so intrigued to read about a character who is an egg! Humphrey sounds brilliant!


Ooh I love anything to do with folktales, nursery rhymes and fairytales! I am excited for this new spin!


Joan Swanson
Joan Swanson
28 de mar. de 2023

What a cool concept, Humpty's grandson! I like the way you wrote it so he was brave and didn't give up. These days I feel like kids give up too easy if things don't go their way. Great job!!! Can't wait to read you up coming books :)


Janie Emaus
Janie Emaus
28 de mar. de 2023

This book looks terrific!

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