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Thanks for Joining our Trick-or-Treat Party!

Hello, parents, librarians, book fanatics, writers, and readers of all sorts! We are so excited to close out #SeasonsOfKidLit’s Trick-Or-Treat event and start drawing winners for all the sweet treats offered this month. A special thanks and round of applause to our amazing guests! We’ll be back on or about November 4th with the announcement for our winners. #StayTuned

Also, if you commented on every post, please let us know and leave a comment below! Lynne Marie and I will be drawing prize winners for the Rate Your Story Speedpasses we’re gifting, too. 10 passes are up for grabs!

What’s coming up?

For our #ThanksAndGiving theme, we have four special guests joining us in the month of November. Make sure to stay tuned for a closer look at these amazing books!

In December, my Co-Elf on the Bookshelf (Lynne Marie) and I are here to spread holiday joy with our #SpreadJoy event. 12 #KidLit industry professionals will join us to share their holiday book love. The event runs from December 1-12, just in time for the holidays!

Critiques giveaways, books giveaways, and a Zoom Pitch session with a top literary agent are being gifted during this event to spread extra joy this holiday season. You definitely won't want to miss this!

Now, for a quick bonus Q&A From the BRAAAAAAAAINS behind the blog:

Heather Macht Q&A:

Q: What inspired you to start #SeasonsOfKidLit?

A: You know, it all started from a Tweet I made this past April. I put a picture of my book, You May Just Be a Dinosaur, alongside holiday-themed Easter candy. I tagged some writer friends, asking them to do the same. The Tweet kind of took off from there. So many who participated expressed the need for more events like that one. This got my wheels turning. Books and holiday fun just kind of go together. And, since I love the holidays, I thought Trick-or-Treating would be such a cool way to bring the teacher/librarian, reading, and writing #KidLit communities together! I especially enjoyed celebrating my favorite holiday of all with everyone. ;)

Q: What was your favorite part about the event?

A: I think my favorite part was how excited everyone was to participate. I started approaching creatives with this idea/event in July. I actually reached out to well over 31 individuals (including publishers, agents, authors, and illustrators) aiming to feature a guest a day along with a book recommendation a day, too. I had hoped at least 31 (or close to that) would agree. I was ecstatic that so many creatives loved the idea and agreed to participate and share their amazing Tricks and Treats (34 in total!). I was especially thrilled #SeasonsOfKidLit recommended over 60 books/series for the season, too. Say What? PLUS, so many creatives joined the party in costume. This was all around very cool, and way better than I could have asked for.

Q: Why are you excited Lynne Marie is joining you?

A: Lynne Marie and I have actually been working together for years via Rate Your Story. We’ve also been long-time critique partners. She and I think a lot alike and share a deep passion for the holidays, especially Halloween! When I invited Lynne Marie and Moldilocks to be featured guests at the Halloween party, Lynne Marie said yes! Then she graciously offered to do more than participate...she offered to help Co-Ghost, aka Co-Host, because it was an ongoing event/blog she could really get behind! I'm excited at what she and I can accomplish and create together. #StayTuned and thanks for reading along with us!

Lynne Marie Q&A:

Q: What makes you a “Celebration Connoisseur”?

A: As a young child my nose was always in Chase’s Book of Days – my celebration bible! I was always looking for a way to make each day special or explore something new and different. I’d brainstorm fun ways to celebrate even the strangest of holidays in small ways. National sloth day - make a sloth out of clay! Celebrations big or small, I love them all!

I still check each day and write a celebration down in my date book. Some of my favorites are cultural days as I can plan a meal around them, and sometimes, even do a related craft. It’s fun to make and create while exploring culture. But sometimes I will just look for and read a related book on the topic. Random reading can be really fun!

But also, because I have found a way to give a holiday hook to all my books, with celebrations big and small.

  • Hedgehog Goes to Kindergarten - Back to School

  • Hedgehog’s 100th Day of School - 100th Day of School

  • The Star in the Christmas Play - Christmas

  • Moldilocks and the Three Scares - Halloween

  • Let’s Eat! Mealtime Around the World - Thanksgiving

  • The Three Little Pigs and the Rocket Project - Science Fair

Of course, there are more holidays to be found in my treasure chest of unpublished stories. And, I have some picture books with holiday tie-ins coming soon!

Q: What do you love most about #SeasonsOfKidLit?

A: #SeasonsOfKidLit gives me the chance to share my love of celebrations and holiday books with readers, parents, teachers, writers and authors who also like to celebrate and/or are looking for themed books on a subject. I am a big supporter of using Mentor Texts for a myriad of reasons – mostly that we can learn something from just about any and all books.

Q: Why are you excited to team up with Heather?

A: Because we have had a past working relationship, we have gotten to know each other well, and realize that we both have a strong affinity toward and an undying passion for holidays (not to mention DINOSAURS and CREATURES). So, there is no one better to share this project with! When Heather created the idea, I offered my help. I knew projects like this can be time-consuming and overwhelming, so I wanted to make sure she had enough help and support to keep it going. We are off to a great start and our excitement grows with each passing day / holiday! Teaming up has brought this even to new levels and we are happy to reach so many with literary recommendations and raise authors and illustrators up, as well as giving out treats as we do so!

Thanks again for reading along this month, everyone. We hope you and your families hae the happiest Halloween!


Heather Macht and Lynne Marie


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