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Trick or Treat: Winners Announced & Upcoming Events!

Welcome back to the blog, everyone! #SeasonsOfKidLit is here to pass out tons of SWEET TREATS from our Trick or Treat event. So, grab your Trick-or-Treat bag and get ready for some goodies!

#SeasonsOfKidLit uses Random Name Generator for our drawings.

Here are our winners:

  1. @apensfan won 2 copies of Ame Dyckman's The New Kid Has Fleas (announced on 10/08)

  2. Ashley Sierra won 2 books from Sleeping Bear Press - Fix & Stitch and Street Monsters!

  3. Anom3 is the winner of Shannon Avra's critique giveaway!

  4. Ryann.Jones117 is the winner of Ashley Belote's book, Witch & Wombat!

  5. Megan Durkin won Lori Degman's critique giveaway!

  6. Donna Marx won Jocelyn Watkinson's critique giveaway!

  7. Maria Fowler won Sue Fliess's book, How to Spook a Ghost!

  8. MissLisaProductions1 won AJ Irving's book, Dance Like a Leaf!

  9. Bri Lawyer was the winner of Sue Ganz-Schmitt's book, That Monster on the Block + a private reading (announced on 10/16)!

  10. Tonnye Fletcher won Helen Wu's giveaway for Dragon Swag!

  11. Annette Clayton won Helen Wu's/Yeehoo Press's giveaway for a skip-the-slush pass!

  12. Brittany Pomales won Laura Lavoie's book, Monster Baker!

  13. Angel Gantnier won Mariana Llanos's two book giveaway - a copy of Benita and the Night Creatures and Euince and Kate!

  14. Jodie Chapdelaine won Lisa Stringfellow's book, A Comb of Wishes!

  15. Andrew Fairchild won Kaz Windness's book, Bitsy Bat, School Star!

  16. Emily Wade won Margery Cuyler's critique giveaway!

  17. Thelia Hutchinson won Michele McAvoy's /The Little Press's skip-the-slush pass!

  18. Lauri Meyers won Michael Regina's book swag plus a kindle copy of his book, The Sleepover!

  19. Owens also won Michael Regina's books swag plus a kindle copy of his book, The Sleepover!

  20. A Brewer won a copy of Nancy Churnin's book, Lila and the Jack-o-Lantern!

  21. Hannah Croy won a critique or ask-me-anything session with Megan and Jorge Lacera!

  22. Robin.Currie1 won a copy of Kelly DiPucchio's book, Zombies in Love, 2+1!

  23. Danielle Hammelef won a copy of Gayle Krause's book, Zadie and the Witch's Tea!

  24. Amy Houts won David Rodriguez Lorenzo's personalized headshot!

  25. JPuglow won Black Rabbit Book's giveaway - a copy of their book, How to Find Werewolves!

  26. Kelli Etheridge won Frank Tupta's rhyming critique giveaway!

  27. Melanie Dulaney is the winner of Tracey Baptiste's The Jumbies trilogy!

  28. Dianne Borowski won a copy of Andrew Auseon's book, Spellbinders: The Not-So-Chosen One!

  29. Catherine Velasco also won a copy of Andrew Auseon's book, Spellbinders: The Not-So-Chosen One!

  30. cindysommer4 won Barefoot Books's giveaway for a skip-the-slush pass!

  31. buchetbooks won Lisa Schmid's book + ARC + Candy Corn giveaway!

  32. Jessica Milo, Janet Sheets, and Sharon Dalgleish won a critique or ask-me-anything session with Heather Macht and/or Lynne Marie!

  33. katieleereinert, Andy Wowor, Robin.Currie1, gustafson1, Lindsay Moretti, Karen Larson, Stephanie Maksymiw, acmumford, Joy Dickinson, and Christy Matthes have won speed passes from Rate Your Story!

Note: The #SeasonsOfKidLit team will be reaching out to all our winners over the next week with instructions on claiming your treat.

Thanks again to our generous guests and all the readers who participated this month! If you didn't win this time, don't worry - we have a bunch of holiday fun and more chances to win coming your way!

#SeasonsOfKidLit Announcements!

November News: We're celebrating #ThanksAndGiving this November with exciting books and creators. Take a peek at some of the upcoming books being featured soon on #SeasonsOfKidLit!

December News:

#7SpookySentences was SO popular, we're hosting a new writing competition in December: #7SeasonalSentences! Get your hot cocoa ready and your writing pens out and stay tuned for the official announcement & instructions, coming soon.

PLUS Make sure to tune in the first week of December for a whole week of Seasonal Books, Inspiration, & Giveaways!

Thanks again, everyone, and see you soon!

Heather and Lynne Marie


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