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What is #SeasonsOfKidLit?

#SeasonsOfKidLit is a fun and FREE blog. We host seasonal #kidlit events throughout the year. Our goal is to promote authors, illustrators, agents, publishers, and amazing books to our subscribers. 

How do I subscribe to receive updates?

Click here to enter in your best contact email address. You'll immediately start receiving any event announcements and new blog posts emails!

How do I comment on a post and enter to win a giveaway?

To prevent bots or spam accounts, we require you to become a member in order to leave a comment. Membership is FREE. This just helps us keep weird comments off the site! To become a member, when you go to leave your first comment, you'll be prompted to sign up. You can sign up via Google, Facebook, or your email. 

When leaving a comment, if you don't already have an account, select Sign Up.

Complete the box below. Also, make sure to review the option to make your profile Public.

If you wish to remain private, your account will display as "Unknown Member" when leaving comments.

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Can I change my information/privacy settings after signing up? 

Yes! Once you successfully login, you can click on your profile picture and select My Profile. On your Profile Page, you can choose Make Profile Public. You can also click on your My Account Tab to further edit your settings, including your display name. 

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Do I have my own profile page? 

Yes! Similar to the previous image, once you successfully login, you can click on your profile picture and select My Profile. From there you can control your settings through your My Account tab, see what blogs you commented on, see who follows you, etc. 

Note: When your profile is public, you can even follow other members of the blog, too!


How can I reset my password? 

If you signed up via Google or Facebook, you would have to change your information via those sites.

If you created an account directly through your email, upon login, you have the option to follow the prompts and reset your password. We do not have visibility into your passwords and cannot reset them for you. 

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Will you sell my information?

Nope! This website is purely for fun and not monetized in any way. We truly hope you enjoy our posts and interacting with our amazing guests! 

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