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Update: Event Winners Announced! - 7 Seasonal Sentences - Let's Have Some Writing Fun!

UPDATE - Winners Announced:

We absolutely LOVED reading ALL the stories submitted for the 7 Seasonal Sentences contest! They were seasonally sensational and full of holiday magic. Please check your story in the post below as each submission has a badge assigned. These badges were mini critiques that expressed how we felt reading your delightful stories.

And now, it’s time to announce the winners of the 7 Seasonal Sentences event!

The winners are...!

1. lisakdaviswriting

2. Amy Brewer

3. Berrie Torgan-Randall

4. Kelly Clasen

5. Jessica Russo

Fun Fact: we use Random Name Picker for our drawings at #SeasonsOfKidLit.

A HUGE congrats and thanks again for joining in the fun! We'll be in touch with all the winners shortly.

The winners of the Spread the Joy event were also drawn tonight! Congrats to the below winners!

1. Jacqueline Lindsey won Leslie Kimmelman's giveaway (a copy of Eight Nights of Lights)!

2. Stephanie Henson won Erin Dealey's giveaway (mulitple ways to connect with the author)!

3. Gayle Krause won Nancy Churnin's giveaway (a copy of The Queen and the First Christmas Tree)!

4. katieleereinert, owens, Christy Matthes, and Karin Larson won Viviane Elbee's giveaway (seasonal postcards)!

5. Lauren Simmons won Laura Baker's giveaway (a copy of Monsters at Christmas)!

Last but not least, the winners of the three Speedpasses for commenting on every post are:

1. Maria Fowler

2. Thelia Hutchinson

3. Joy Dickinson

Congrats and thanks again to everyone for participating. We hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday season and have a Happy New Year!


Heather and Lynne Marie


Original Post

As you may know, at #SeasonsOfKidLit, we are all about stories – especially ones with a seasonal theme! To spread some holiday cheer around, we thought we'd host another writing competition similar to 7 Spooky Sentences. Get ready for 7 Seasonal Sentences!

What is 7 Seasonal Sentences?  A just-for-fun writing contest with NO judging. This is just to help get your creative juices flowing, and spread holiday cheer around. This time, we're passing out custom badges to all who play. Your story could rank in the following way:

  1. Fantastically Festive

  2. Seasonally Sweet

  3. Charmingly Cheerful

And MORE! What fun badge will your story get? You'll have to enter to find out.

Five winners will also be chosen at random for one of the below prizes:

A 30 minute Picture Book Mechanic Consultation with Agent Mentee Lynne Marie at The Seymour Agency!

About Lynne Marie: Lynne Marie is a #KidLit Author, an Agent Mentee with The Seymour Agency, the Director of Rate Your Story and spirited lover of Holidays, Halloween, and all things spooky!


Lynne Marie celebrates holidays, big and small! As a child, her favorite book was Chase's Book of Days which lists them all! Five of her published and pending picture books are all Holiday Tie-ins! Lynne Marie is especially excited to celebrate Halloween with #SeasonOfKidLit.

A picture book or first four chapters of a Chapter Book critique PLUS Query Letter critique from Heather Macht!

About Heather Macht: Heather Macht is the creator of #SeasonsOfKidLit and the author of 15 books including The Mutant Critter Sitter (ABDO, 2024), a six-book chapter book series featuring #girlpower, responsibility, spliced mutant creations, and science-filled fun!, The Woodlot Monster Mysteries (ABDO, 2023), a 6-book Chapter Book Series featuring less-common monsters, and promoting #girlpower, problem solving, and teamwork!, and more!

General guidelines for your story:

Your sentences can be about anything but must tell a complete seasonal story.

If you’re stuck, you can follow this format for your submission. If nothing else, you will have a story to flesh out later!

Sentence One: Introduce your setting

Sentence Two: Introduce your character

Sentence Three: A story problem / goal

Sentence Four: An obstacle

Sentence Five: An active attempt to solve the story problem or achieve the story goal

Sentence Six: Introduce a failure

Sentence Seven: Solve the story problem or achieve the story goal!

After you posted your story:

When you've posted a story below (on this blog post!), share this graphic on social media with the text, "I shared seven seasonal sentences over at"


#7SeasonalSentences #SeasonsofKidLit @AuthorHMacht @Literally_Lynne

As your co-elvs on the shelves, we look forward to reading your submissions!

Note: 7 Seasonal Sentences runs December 10th - December 16th. Participants must get their entry in by 11:59 PM EST on December 16th to be eligible for the prize drawing. The giveaway winners and custom badges will be updated/posted on this blog post on or about December 17th. Save this post and make sure to check back on the 17th!


Heather and Lynne Marie



72 коментари

Amy Houts
Amy Houts
24.12.2023 г.

Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the informative blog posts and fun writing prompt, Heather and Lynne Marie! Happy Holidays!


Janet Sheets
Janet Sheets
19.12.2023 г.

Thanks for the holiday fun!


Kelly Clasen
Kelly Clasen
18.12.2023 г.

Thank you for hosting this lovely event!

Heather Macht
Heather Macht
19.12.2023 г.
Отговаряне на

Thanks again for joining us! <3


Karin Larson
Karin Larson
18.12.2023 г.

Exciting! What a fun kick off to the holidays. I am so excited for the seasonal postcards. Thank you so much, Viviane, for your kind giveaway. Congratulations to all and happy holidays!


Thelia Hutchinson
Thelia Hutchinson
18.12.2023 г.

Congratulations everyone 👏 💜 💖

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