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Check it out! Spring Into Storytime Winners Announced!

Hello, readers. Are you ready for a treat? We are here to announce the winners of our Spring into Storytime event. Thanks again to our guests and to everyone for joining and reading along with us!

Here are our lucky winners:

  1. Natalie Tanner won a copy of Nadia Ali's book, Humphrey the Eggsplorer!

  2. Joan Swanson won a copy of Janie Emaus's book, Easter Eggs and Matzo Balls!

  3. misslisaproductions1 won a copy of Erin Dealey's book, Peter Easter Frog!

  4. Christy Matthes won a signed copy of Laura Renauld's book, Doe's Dandelions!

  5. Karin Larson won a copy of Laura Sassi's book, My Tender Heart Bible!

  6. Cindy Greene won a 30-minute Ask-Me-Anything Zoom chat with Vivian Kirkfield!

  7. Owens and gustafson1 both won a 15-minute Ask-Me-Anything Zoom chat with Heather and/or Lynne Marie!

Super fun fact: #SeasonsOfKidLit uses Random Name Generator for all our drawings.

We will be in touch with our winners soon! Happy Spring, everyone.


Heather & Lynne Marie


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