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Double Creature Feature Art Reveal with Heather Macht & Lynne Marie + Trick or Treat Announcements!

Hello, readers, writers, goblins, ghouls, and monsters of all sorts! Did you have as much fun as we did #TrickOrTreating over the last 31 days at #SeasonsOfKidLit? We certainly hope so. Lynne Marie and I are officially wrapping up the event with an extra special treat: A Double Creature Feature Art Reveal! Take a peek at the official art and covers from our books coming out in 2024, see the sweet treat we're offering, and check out our announcements below, too. Thanks again for joining us and we wish all of you the Happiest Halloween!

Art Reveal! It's time to take a peek at Lynne Marie's Creature Feature Art Reveal for her newest book with Brenda Sturgis, with art by Nico Ecenarro, published by The Little Press.

Broommates: A Brewing Boundary Battle (The Little Press, 2024)

Blurb: There's room for improvement when witchy sisters Mathilde and Malin share a broom, and a room! One's bright and airy, the other dark and scary! Each sister knows exactly how they should decorate. Unfortunately, their disagreement ends in disaster and a broken broom. Will they ever find a way to meet in the middle?

Seriously, how amazing does this sound? And how fantastic is the art? Make sure to add this to your TBR list on Goodreads here and follow Lynne Marie, Brenda, Nico, and The Little Press online for more sneak peeks and updates.

Lynne Marie

Twitter/X: @Literally_Lynne

Facebook: Lynne Marie

Brenda Sturgis

Nico Ecenarro

Instagram: @nicoecenarro

The Little Press

Twitter/X: @little_press

Cover Reveal! Now it's time for a sneak peek at my (Heather Macht's) Creature Feature Cover Reveal from my new six-book chapter book series, The Mutant Critter Sitter, illustrated by the incredible Beatriz Castro and published by ABDO.

The Mutant Critter Sitter (ABDO, Fall 2024)

Blurb: Chloe’s summer was supposed to be filled with skateboarding, hanging out with friends, and staying up late every single night watching scary movies. But, after a trip to the skatepark left her skateboard broken in two, her entire summer was ruined. Now, her dad is forcing her to work all summer long so she can learn responsibility and earn a new one. What a bummer!

After a morning of searching for jobs, Chloe answers an unusual ad that turns her summer upside down. Somehow, she said yes to being a Critter Sitter for a Not-So-Mad Scientist’s crazy mutant creations. One thing’s for sure, whether it’s being chased by a giant Mean-us Flytrap, bathing an Electric Seal, caring for Pea Monkeys, or walking a fluffy pet Pali-gator, Chloe’s summer is filled with extraordinary and unexpected adventures.

Book 1: The Mean-us Flytrap

When Chloe’s skateboard breaks in two, her summer plans are instantly ruined. After asking her dad for a new one, he informs her it’s time she learns some responsibility. Now, instead of having fun at the skate park every afternoon, Chloe’s being forced to find a summer job so she can earn a new one on her own. What a bummer!

After a morning of searching for jobs, Chloe answers a peculiar ad for a Critter Sitter. Now, Chloe’s helping a Not-So-Mad Scientist (Professor Adams) with her crazy creations. It’s only her first day on the job and somehow she’s being chased by Bob: a three-headed Mean-us Flytrap with an enormous appetite.

Book 2: The Electric Seal

Chloe agrees to come back for a second day of work. As Professor Adams heads out for the day to run errands, she leaves a To-Do list for Chole which contains one simple task: give her happy pet seal, Buddy, a bath. But soon, Chloe learns Professor Adams spliced Buddy with an electric eel. What gives?! Now, she must get extra creative and come up with the best way to bathe a mutant that's so shockingly playful.

Book 3: The Pea Monkeys

Chloe arrives at work one day and is given the opportunity to try a splicing experiment of her own choosing with Professor Adams. How cool! Since sea monkeys, her favorite animal, are extremely hard to see, Chloe asks to turn them bright green instead.

Professor Adams instructs Chloe to splice them with a hint of split peas. But, after an ever-so-small misunderstanding, Chloe gets a first-hand look at how hard experiments can be, especially when using the wrong ingredients. Now, they’re left with buckets and buckets of bright-green pea monkeys. What is she supposed to do with thousands of pea monkeys?

Book 4: The Drawfish

After a trip to the lake, and an encounter with some pinchy crawfish, Professor Adams is on a mission: she must give the crawfish in town a new pinch-free passion. With the help of Chloe, she’s determined to turn their little pinchers into drawing and painting machines.

However, Professor Adams’ splicing backfires big time. Instead of pinching, a swarm of crawfish are drawing and painting the entire town… and the residents aren’t happy! With aquatic-like art covering all the buildings nearby, Chloe and Professor Adams must stop the swarm of little Pinch-cassos before Professor Adams’ experiments are shut down by the Mayor for good.

Book 5: The Cattlesnake

Professor Adams can’t stand a rattling sound that’s been keeping her up at night. When Chloe arrives to work the next morning, they investigate the horrid noise and uncover a rattlesnake that’s about to chomp down on an innocent mouse…. EEK! The two set out to trap the snake and make it a friendlier reptile. Chloe realizes this task could be dangerous, but this is the last job before she’s earned enough for a new skateboard. She must hang in there and help Professor Adams trap the snake and splice it into something friendlier and preferably vegetarian, too.

Book 6: The Pal-igator

Even though Chloe’s finally earned enough for a new skateboard, she realizes summer is boring without the chaos. She misses Professor Adams, and all the interesting creatures they've made.

So, when she finds a mysterious egg at the skatepark, she brings it to Professor Adams to examine. After learning it's an alligator egg - EEK- they decide to conduct the last experiment of the summer and splice it with a human's best friend - a dog.

Will the town love their pet pal-igator as much as they do, or will this be the final straw with the mayor?

Make sure to follow Heather, Beatriz, and ABDO for more sneak peeks and updates.

Heather Macht

Twitter/X: @AuthorHMacht

Beatriz Castro


Twitter/X: @ABDOpublishing


Treat Announcement: we’re offering a special treat! Want to win one of three either ask-me-anything sessions, picture book critiques, or first two chapters of a chapter book critiques from Lynne Marie and me? Share this post on social media with the following caption:

Check out this Double Creature Feature Art Reveal at

@AuthorHMacht @Literally_Lynne!

Trick or Treat announcements: Lynne Marie and I will be reviewing each post and drawing winners shortly! If you missed any of the posts, make sure to leave a comment and share them to be considered for the drawing by 11/4. #SeasonsOfKidLit's Trick-or-Treat winners will be chosen on or about November 5th.

Rate Your Story Speedpasses: Did you comment on each post? Are you interested in winning 1 of the 10 Speedpasses Lynne Marie and I are offering? Let us know in your comment below so we can count you in that drawing.

Thanks again for joining us, everyone!

Heather and Lynne Marie



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All the covers look amazing! Thank you for coordinating another fun #SeasonsofKidLit event!

I've commented and posted on Twitter (X) for each day. I'd love to be entered in the drawing!


Janet Sheets
Janet Sheets
Nov 03, 2023

Thank you, Heather and Lynne Marie, for hosting this terrific event. I enjoyed--and commented on--all the posts. Congratulations on your upcoming books, too. They look like lots of fun!


This looks like such a fantastic series! Kids will love it. Thanks for sharing.


oh, these covers are so delicious. I tweeted you out!


Jessica Milo
Jessica Milo
Nov 01, 2023

Congrats Lynne Marie and Heather on your beautiful covers!! I've commented on every post and shared this post with the caption on Twitter! :)

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