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#SeasonsOfKidLit's Spread Joy Event- 2022!

Hi, parents, librarians, book fanatics, writers, and readers of all sorts! I'm here to share the official rules and event calendar for #SeasonsOfKidLit's Spread Joy Event. Is anyone looking to gift books this holiday season? You're in luck!

During the first twelve days of December, the #SeasonsOfKidLit blog will be filled with holiday-themed book recommendations from amazing industry professionals, including publishers, authors, and a literary agent, too. PLUS, each of our guests will be Spreading Joy to our readers with a Seasonal Greeting or a Giveaway. The event kicks off on December 1st with the spectacular Sleeping Bear Press! Make sure to subscribe and join in the seasonal fun!

For those new to #SeasonsOfKidLit, navigate here to learn more about the blog.

Official Rules:

During the first twelve days of December, a special guest will be featured on the #SeasonsOfKidLit blog. Make sure to read the fun and festive interview from the guest of the day.

At the end of each blogpost, the guest will Spread Joy to the readers. To enter any giveaways offered, you must comment on the blog post and make sure to follow the rules of the giveaway.

On or about Friday, December 16th a raffle will be held and the giveaway winners will be announced!

What kind of giveaways will there be?

  • Book giveaways

  • Critique giveaways

  • Plus, a chance to win a Zoom Pitch Session with an Industry Professional

  • BONUS: Readers who comment on every post will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 5 Rate Your Story Speedpasses

  • BONUS: Readers who comment on every post will be entered for a chance to win a special book package

*Note: Book giveaways will be shipped in the US only.

Make sure you subscribe to join in the fun!

Calendar of Guests:

A note from Heather & Lynne Marie - Your Seasonal Co-Elves on the Bookshelves:

We hope everyone enjoys this seasonal event as much as we did when organizing it. Our goal is to Spread as much Joy as possible this Holiday Season!

Also, the BIGGEST thank you to all our guests. This Joyful and Fun event wouldn't have been possible without you!

A SNEAK PEEK at some of the books & guests featured this month!

Thanks for reading along and #StayTuned! It's almost time to Spread Joy. Only 4 more days to go!


Heather and Lynne Marie

For more about Heather and Lynne Marie, your hosts, click here.


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댓글 22개

Sandra Chambers
Sandra Chambers
2022년 12월 10일

I love these special events with KidLit!


Catching up. It looks like some great guests for this #seasonsofkidlit!


How fun!


Janet Sheets
Janet Sheets
2022년 12월 01일

What a fun and festive way to start the month! Thank you.


Pamela Harrison
Pamela Harrison
2022년 11월 30일

This looks amazing! I can't wait for this to begin! Thank you Heather and Lynn!

Heather Macht
Heather Macht
2022년 12월 01일
답글 상대:

Thanks for joining us! ❄️❄️

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