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Spread the Joy with Heather & Lynne Marie!

Hello, readers! As celebration connoisseurs, we (Heather Macht and Lynne Marie) are happy to have the opportunity to share our joy of reading and our favorite holiday books with you! 

And while we are at it, we want to share our joy and appreciation to all of you who share our passion – all the fabulous authors, illustrators, editors, and agents whose work we get to support, as well as all the readers, parents, teachers, authors, and writers who help us support them! Those of you who tune into our blog and celebrate holidays and seasons, big and small, with us bring us endless joy! From us to all of you - Have a Happy Holiday Season!

Lynne Marie’s Top Picks

I was blessed with being an early reader. As a result, one of my earliest “collections” as a child was holiday picture books. It started with classics like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Robert May with art by Denver Gillen, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss, The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore with art by Arthur Rackam and Clem The Clumsy Camel by Virginia Mueller with art by Betty Wind. My mother would pack them up with the Christmas decorations each year and I would early look forward to unpacking them the next year and reading them again and again. 

In the years since, there have been so many fun expansions to the winter and holiday themes that it’s hard to choose a new favorite! So while it’s not my entire list, here are some Christmas picture books with fun twists! 

This is a really unique spin on a Santa Claus story that features the Kringles of New York. As a New Yorker, I really appreciate the setting and the New York City Christmas season. But who is Auntie Claus and why is there a diamond key hanging from her ribbon necklace? And what does she have to do with Christmas? Since you can’t actually stowaway with Sophie and her brother, you will have to read to find out! It’s a truly unique tale that will have kids (young and old) engaged from beginning to end. 


Grab your copy here:

This one’s another favorite of mine by Pablo Pino (love his accessible and animated art), written by Dawn Young. Bo wants to get to sleep so Santa can come, but with a house full of mischievous sheep, will his clean-up ever be done? This book is filled with sheepy escapades and counting fun, especially entertaining to little ones who can count along. 

Grab Your Copy here:

What happens when a crocodile arrives at Christmas time? If you’re like me, you’ll really want to know! So, read this fun book and find out! It’s filled with a cast of interesting characters with varied motivations and has a decidedly nostalgic look and feel to it. David Small’s art is fanciful, fun and festive. 

Grab your copy here:

And if I’ve gotten you in the mood for reading, remember that a books is one of the most important gifts you can give a child – it’s like giving them a world to open up! 

Heather’s Top Picks

Hello, everyone! My book recommendations for the season are all classics that focus on family, wonder and imagination, and unique takes on Santa and the Night Before Christmas story. I hope you enjoy these fun titles!

This hearwarming story follows Maria on Christmas Eve as she helps her mother prepare tamales for a family gathering on Christmas Day. When Maria's mother leaves the kitchen, Maria decides to try on her beautiful diamond ring that she left on the countertop.

Later, Maria panics as she realizes her mother's ring is missing and might be inside one of the many tamales she made earlier. The only way to find out is to have her cousins help by searching through all the tamales (i.e. eating all of them).

The hilarious turn of events and heartfelt message of family coming to the rescue is like a warm hug for your holiday season.

To purchase this book, click here:

The Snowman was my absolute favorite holiday-themed picture book growing up. I remember looking through this as a kid in elementary school and being in such awe at the thought that a snowman could come to life at night, play games with you, and even take you on a magical adventure.

What I love most about this book is how unique it is. It's wordless but has so much emotion and wonder on each page as the snowman and the child interact.

I highly recommond this book for any season.

To puchase this book, click here:

Cajun Night Before Christmas, by Trois Claire and James Rice

I can't say enough good things about this classic!

First published in 1973, Cajun Night Before Christmas reimagines Santa and his reindeer. On the bayo, jolly old St. Nicholas appears with presents, dressed in muskrat fur from his head to his toe, and visits a family with the help of his eight friendly aligators.

This story is also written in such a way that when reading it aloud it mimics a cajun dialect. With over a million copies sold (and counting) this story can't be missed!

If you'd like to listen to this story, as a special treat, click here: Cajun Night Before Christmas 2018 - YouTube

Thanks again for joining us this week and checking out all our featured authors and their books. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and hope you might even find a new favorite or three to add to your collection.

Do you have a favorite holiday book? Let us know what it is - we'd love to check it out!

Reminder, you have until 12/17 to enter the giveaways offered this week. Make sure to comment on and share each post!

For those looking forward to 7 Seasonal Sentences, #StayTuned! The fun starts tomorrow!

Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone!


Heather and Lynne Marie


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