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Update - Winners Announced! Super-Sweet Cover Reveal and Giveaway with Lynne Marie!

Update 2/16/2024: Congrats to Hiliary Margitich for winning a 1/2 Hour Q&A/Critique Zoom Session with Lynne Marie!

Congrats to Miks and Steena Hernandez for winning Speedpass Critiques with Lynne Marie! We'll reach out to all winners soon with details on claiming your prize! Thanks again to everyone for joining us. Stay Tuned for more interviews and giveaways coming soon!



Hi, readers, writers, and booklovers, too! We're officially wrapping up our Valentine's Celebration with a surprise treat: a Cover Reveal and giveaway with Lynne Marie!

When Lynne Marie recently shared the cover of her new book, Broommates: A Brewing Boundary Battle, with me, I asked her to let me throw a mini celebration here at #SeasonsOfKidLit. The cover is the absolute sweetest and fits into the holiday perfectly, showcasing two sisters' differences...but most importantly their love for one another. So, want to see the cover of Lynne Marie's and Brenda Reeves Sturgis's new book that was beautifully illustrated by the talented Nico Ecenarro PLUS want a chance to win some sweet giveaways she's offering, including a Q&A session with her? Read on...

Q: Hi, Lynne Marie! Thanks for allowing us at #SeasonsOfKidLit to celebrate your new book with Breanda Reeves Sturgis - Broommates: A Brewing Boundary Battle.

Broommates Blurb: There's room for improvement when witchy sisters Mathilde and Malin share a broom, and a room! One's bright and airy, the other dark and scary! Each sister knows exactly how they should decorate. Unfortunately, their disagreement ends in disaster and a broken broom. Will they ever find a way to meet in the middle?

It seriously sounds like such a fun read! Can you share something you love about Broommates?

A: I love that I was able to draw from childhood experiences and make a story that’s relatable, yet fun and new! And I love that it portrays the difficulties that sisters may have being different persons in the same room, but yet, also celebrates the love that can be found through compromise.

Q: What is your favorite part of the book?

A: Hmmm…I think that although each of the two sisters are trying to prove that one personality / decor is better than the other, they are actually proving that both can be fun (and funny). And that just touches upon so many things in life and even in the text and art of a picture book! So I would have to say that my favorite thing is that the story and art are fun, while sharing an important life message.

Q: I so agree and absolutely LOVE the message! What Valentine would the sisters give to each other? And what would you hope they'd give to you?

A: Malin would give Mathilde flowers and sweets. 

Mathilde would give Malin thorns and pickled beets. 

I think in some ways I am like each of the sisters - I would love something spooky and sweet! 

Ha, I love it! Thanks again for joining us for a quick Q&A.

And now, I'd love to share the cover of Broommates: A Brewing Boundary Battle!

Cover Reveal!

Interior Spread:

This is seriously so fun. Nico did an incredible job! We can't wait to read it!

Would you like to leave a sweet treat for the readers?

Yes! To help celebrate the cover reveal, I'd love to offer one 1/2 Hour Q&A/Critique Zoom Session to one lucky winner. I'd also love to offer a Rate Your Story Speed Pass to two lucky winners.

Wow! Thanks so much for the sweet treats!

Giveaway Details: To enter to win one of the treats being offered, 1) hare this post on social media and 2) leave a comment below and let Lynne Marie which treat you're most interested in! The winners of this giveaway will be announced on or about 2/15.

About Lynne Marie:

Lynne Marie is the author of several books, including The Star of the Christmas Play (Beaming Books 2018 & 2023), Moldilocks and the 3 Scares, (Sterling/Scholastic 2019), Let’s Eat! Mealtime Around the World (Beaming Books 2019), The Three Little Pigs and the Rocket Project (Mac and Cheese Press 2022), The Three Little Pigs and the Rocket Project Coloring Book (Mac and Cheese Press 2022), The Palace Rat (Yeehoo Press, 2023), Broommates: A Brewing Boundary Battle (The Little Press, 2024) and more, forthcoming. She’s the Owner and Administrator of,, and a Travel Agent.

To follow the creators of Broommates: A Brewing Boundary Battle, check out the below links:

Lynne Marie

Twitter/X: @Literally_Lynne

Facebook: Lynne Marie 

Brenda Sturgis

Nico Ecenarro

Instagram: @nicoecenarro


The Little Press

Twitter/X: @little_press



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Can't wait for my copy of Broommates! I had to share a room with my sister. We were always drawing a line down the middle of the room. LOL


I can't wait to see how Matilda and Malin work out their differences! I think everyone can relate to having roommate issues at some point! Congratulations Lynne Marie, Brenda and Nico. I shared on Twitter. I'd love to win the zoom session.


Congratulations Lynne Marie, Brenda and Nico! 🙌🥳🤩

This looks like a fun read with a great message and the illustrations are cute and captivating.


Feb 10

Everything about this post is terrific. Broommates! The title is enough to want to open the book but the cover illustration makes it a must open, must read. Congratulations Lynne Marie, Brenda, and Nico!!! I'm always open to a critique.


Adorable cover, great premise and love the takeaway! Thrilled for you, Brenda and Nico! If chosen, I'd love to have your brilliant eyes and take on one of my stories.

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