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Thanks & Giving with Heather and Lynne Marie!

Hello, readers! As celebration connoisseurs, we (Heather Macht and Lynne Marie) are happy to have the opportunity to share with you our favorite books celebrating Thanks, Giving, and Gratitude! And while we are at it, we want to share how thankful we are for all the fabulous authors, illustrators, editors, and agents whose work we get to support, as well as all the readers, parents, teachers, authors, and writers who help us support them! We're especially thankful for all of you who tune into our blog and celebrate holidays and seasons, big and small, with us! From us to all of you - Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynne Marie's Top Picks!

Here are my favorite picture books of the season, each one celebrating things I love – animals, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, turkeys and history!

Pumpkin Day at the Zoo by Susan Meisner and Pablo Pino

I am a huge fan of Pablo Pino’s work, so that, and the fun pile of animals, is what first drew me to this book. It’s a zoo-per fun read-aloud, with rollicking rhyme and lots of delightful alliteration, as well as consonance, assonance and internal rhyme. As an added bonus for little ones, it introduces a host of zoo animals. And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the art, especially the excited expressions on the animals.

Grab your copy here:

The Magnificent Mischief of Tad Lincoln by Raymond Arroyo and Jackie Davis

This book about a mischievous boy who inspired a time-honored American tradition (the annual turkey pardoning at the White House) is perfect for Thanksgiving. It also introduces children to our 16th President of the US - Abraham Lincoln, and his son, Tad, as well as Jack the Turkey!

Grab your copy here:

The Perfect Pumpkin Pie by Denis Cazet

While this book is actually a Halloween season book, pumpkin pie is perfect for Thanksgiving. If you like spooky picture books, this is a great one. It has lively language, engaging repetition, rhythmic refrains and a spirited ghost story with a southern twang. The characters are engaging, including a crochet ghost, Jack and Grandma. The rhyme is wonderful and it’s such a fun read!

Grab a copy here:

Lynne Marie is the Author of several holiday-themed books, including Let’s Eat! Mealtime Around the World, a perfect pairing with Thanksgiving Dinner. You can find this book here: or order signed, personalized copies here: Let's Eat | LiterallyLynneMarie! This Thanksgiving she is thankful for family, friendships and food, and especially for being able to share her passion for holidays (especially haunted ones) with her good friend, Heather Macht!

Heather’s Top Picks

My books for the season focus on unconventional families, togetherness, and love - which I think is an important message for any season and for any reader, young and old.

Fangsgiving by Ethan Long

As you may already know, I love humor... and monsters. 😉 What I really love about Fangsgiving is the holiday mashup featuring a group of monsters coming together and celebrating Thanksgiving.

In this sweet book, when Vlad the Vampire invites his vampire family over for the holidays to celebrate with his monster friends things go awry. The Vampires take over the cooking and ruin the food (along with help from their dog who eats it all).

I love how the family pulls together to remake food with what little they have left. I also love the subtle message that it doesn’t matter which day you celebrate Fangsgiving (Thanksgiving), or what food you eat, it only matters that you celebrate together.

Fangsgiving: Ethan Long: Books

Dino-Thanksgiving by Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott

As you also may know, I love dinosaurs! Lisa Wheeler’s Dinosaur series is one of my favorites. Dino-Thanksgiving, one of the many enjoyable books in her series, is filled with rhymes, humor, and dinosaurs cooking a feast and observing the holiday (suitable for both carnivores and herbivores).

I adore how the dinosaurs in the book are celebrating with corn mazes, football games, and a parade - just like we humans often do. What I love most of all is the theme of togetherness the dinosaurs display. Dino-Thanksgiving (Dino-Holidays)

Thanksgiving in the Woods by Phyliss Alsdurf and Jenny Lovlie

Thanksgiving in the woods is not only beautifully illustrated but it’s a wonderful story of community. I love the anticipation experienced by the readers, watching as families prepare for their Thanksgiving in the woods - based off a true story of a family who hosted their own Thanksgiving on their farm for over twenty years!

The feast, the song-singing, dancing near a bonfire, and the love shown throughout displays that a little faith, family, friendship, inclusion, and laughter makes for the best celebration.

Thanksgiving in the Woods (Countryside... by Alsdurf, Phyllis (

Heather Macht is the Owner / Creator of #SeasonsOfKidLit. She's thrilled to bring her passion to life and promote books with seasonal and holiday tie-ins! Her favorite holiday of all, and one of the main reasons she is so incredibly thankful for Co-Host Lynne Marie, is their shared love for celebrations - especially celebrating Halloween.

Macht is also the author of 15 books including The Mutant Critter Sitter (ABDO, 2024), a six-book chapter book series featuring #girlpower, responsibility, spliced mutant creations, and science-filled fun!, The Woodlot Monster Mysteries (ABDO, 2023), a 6-book Chapter Book Series featuring less-common monsters, and promoting #girlpower, problem solving, and teamwork!, and more!

Thanks again for joining us. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Heather and Lynne Marie


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