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Trick or Treat with David Rodriguez Lorenzo!

Welcome, readers, writers and zany zombie fans, too! Have you ever wondered what goes into illustrating a book? Then we have quite the delightful treat for you today. David Rodriguez Lorenzo, illustrator of Moldliocks and the Three Scares, is here with us giving us a behind-the-scenes peek at his illustration process. He even shares the inspiration behind what inspired him to work on this book. This is SUPER cool because we had the author featured last year here. Want to know more about David, his monstrously good art style and how he views projects from the illustration perspective, PLUS want a chance to win a spook-tastic treat? Read on...

Q: Thanks so much for joining #SeasonsOfKidLit! We’re thrilled to have you Trick or Treat with us, and hear all about your book Moldilocks and the Three Scares. Please share a little about your book’s journey. What made you decide to illustrate this book? How did you come up with the idea of how to draw Moldilocks?

A: When the Moldilocks proposal came up to me, it was great news. For some time I have wanted to tackle a project whose protagonists were monsters. I love monsters and I am a big fan of this genre. In addition, the theme of the story that revolves around adoption, focused from a humorous point of view, fascinated me.

As for the idea of the Moldilocks character, artistically speaking, I was inspired by one of my young students. When she was eight years old, she was very cute with her wild and extremely long hair.

Q: The details in the illustrations were so fun! When drawing the spreads, did you consider the author’s notes? Or did you just do your own thing? Was there a lot of art direction involved?

A: I always try to be faithful to the author's notes, despite adding shades of my imagination that emphasize the scenes of the illustrations. I understand that we each have our own ideas about the characters and illustrations, but being able to combine both visions enriches the final result of the drawings.

The truth is that I have had a lot of freedom and support in my contributions, and I keep very good memories of the work done on this project. From that day I still loving Moldilocks unconditionally, and these experiences of a good work environment favor it. I have also been able to discover friendship with Lynne Marie, a very nice person. There will always be a special place in my heart for her and Moldilocks.

Q: What was your favorite spread to work on in this story?

A: In relation to my favorite humorous spread, although I find it difficult to choose, I would say that the one with Moldilocks in the Baby Scare bed and sees the shadows of the three Scares, reminds me when my brother and I were little and at bed time we saw shadows on the chair that looked like monsters when in reality it was stacked clothes, a backpack...and so on.

Q: Can you share more about the technique in illustrating Moldilocks and the Three Scares? What medium did you use and why?

A: Perhaps, the type of technique the book is made with. It is acrylic, my favorite technique and although I also work with other traditional techniques such as watercolors, coloured pencils or digital techniques, I have always had a predilection for this technique. Despite not being a particularly fast technique, I really enjoy the work process.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about Halloween and fall?

A: I love Autumn, it is my favorite season of the year, the temperature, the special light that the days have, the colours of the leaf trees...

In Spain, in the region of Galicia, where I live, Halloween is a festival that is equated with Samain, a traditional Celtic festival, which today is becoming more popular. Spirits, witches, and the mystery have something that attracts us.

Q: BONUS QUESTION: Bonus question: What’s your favorite Halloween Candy?

A: I think anyone could be a good choice, although I have to say that even if it is not specifically a candy, I love everything with pumpkin, pumpkin cream drives me crazy.

But if I have to decide on a Halloween candy, my favorite since I was a child are fingers jelly beans, and if they are sideral pica candy better.

Thanks again for joining us, David! We loved hearing all about your process.

Readers, want to see #SeasonsOfKidLit's Peek-a-Boo Review for David's book? Click here! You can also find our reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

Q: Would you like to leave a Trick or a Treat for the readers?

A: Treat!

I'd like to create a small headshot drawing of the winner. An example is as follows: (Not the same style, just quick and little).

Headshot Example

Thanks for such a unique and sweet treat, David! What a cool prize!

Contest Details: To enter to win your own headshot, leave a comment below and share this post on social media.

#SeasonsOfKidLit's Trick-or-Treat Winners will be chosen on or about November 5th.

Note: Those who leave a comment on all posts will be eligible to win one (1) of ten (10) Rate Your Story Speed Passes, perfect for quick MS feedback, provided by Agent Mentee Lynne Marie & Author Heather Macht.

About David Rodriguez Lorenzo:

David Rodríguez Lorenzo is a professional illustrator and an instructor at an art academy in Spain. To see more of his work, check out his amazing artwork on Instagram here.

To purchase Moldilocks and the Three Scares on Amazon, or to leave a review for it, click here.

PS, Readers: Have you noticed our charming new signatures/images on these interviews? These were created by David for our Trick-or-Treat event. Thanks again, David - we love them!


A special thanks to David Rodriguez Lorenzo for the amazing custom-signatures!


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