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Check it out! Valentine's Day Bash Winners Announced!

Hello, readers. Are you ready for a sweet treat? We are here to announce the winners of our Valentine's Day Bash event. Thanks again to our guests and to everyone for joining and reading along with us!

Here are our lucky winners:

1. kclarkholly, Emily Zaiser Wade, and gailhartman222 all won copies of Doug Cenko's Viking in Love.

2. Stephanie Maksymiw won a copy of Diana Murray's Love Stinks!

3. Sue Heavenrich and jksobanski won copies of Lisa Wheeler's Dino-Valentine's Day.

4. CJ Penko, ryann.jones117, Gayle Krause, Janet Sheets, and kakwrites all won the doubly sweet critiques from Heather & Lynne Marie.

Super fun fact: #SeasonsOfKidLit uses Random Name Generator for all our drawings.

We will be in touch winners soon! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. We'll see you soon.


Heather & Lynne Marie


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