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Let's Trick or Treat: #SeasonsOfKidLit's Official Guest List & Calendar of Events Revealed!

Welcome, parents, librarians, book fanatics, writers, and readers of all sorts! Are you wondering what books to read this October? Are you're looking to join in the spooky-storytelling fun? If so, we've got you covered! We’re less than a month away from #SeasonsOfKidLit's annual Trick-or-Treat event and have the perfect recommendations for you. Want to know more about what's in store and want a peek at our official guest list? Read on if you dare…

What is #SeasonsOfKidLit's Trick-or-Treat event?

It’s our flagship event in which, during the month of October, your co-ghostesses Heather Macht and Lynne Marie will bring you inspiration, book recommendations, and crafty tips in their interviews featuring amazing authors, illustrators, agents, editors, and publishers. But that’s not all! Each post will include an amazing Trick or Treat at the end.

What's a Trick and what's a Treat?

Trick - a trick is a fun #KidLit tip or tidbit for the readers (i.e., it could be a look at how our guest edits or formats a MS, query tips, illustration tips, a fun fact or deleted scene from our guest's book, etc.).

Treat - a treat is any treat our guest would like to offer (i.e., it could be a critique of a MS, query letter critique, copy of our guest's book or book merch, a skip-the-slush-pile pass, etc.).

So, make sure to grab your goodie bags, throw on a cool costume, and join us for a month of FREE and Fang-tastic fun! Be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook at Seasons Of KidLit | Facebook, too! We’ll have extra treats posting on our Facebook Page from time-to-time!

For more about how to subscribe to our blog, see our FAQ page here.


September 25 - 30th: 7 Spooky Sentences Begins!

In order to get everyone in the holiday mood, we’re celebrating the season one week early! We're asking all of you to share a spooky or seasonal story with us for the chance to win prizes! From September 25th - 30th, you can leave a comment and share a story on the 7 Spooky Sentences Blog Post to be included in the contest. This is a just-for-fun contest with no judging. Your entry automatically gets you entered into the raffle to win some pretty-cool treats. What kind of treats might you ask? Tune in to find out.

October 1st - 31st: Trick-or-Treating begins!

Without further ado, here is our AMAZING guest list.

Publishing Companies

Sleeping Bear & Torch Graphic Press, The Little Press, Yeehoo Press, Black Rabbit Books, and Barefoot Books are joining in the fun! Get ready for some spook-tacular interviews.


Agent Mentee Lynne Marie and Agent Lynette Novak from The Seymour Agency are stopping by with some extra sweet treats.

Authors & Illustrators

One amazing thing we've found when asking participants to join our Trick-or-Treat event is that the #KidLit world LOVES fall and Halloween just as much as we do! Check out all the cool books coming your way.

Ame Dyckman - The New Kid Has Fleas

Shannon Avra - Molly & Nightmare

Ashely Belote - Witch & Wombat

Lori Degman & Jocelyn Watkinson - Travel Guide for Monsters - A Canadian Adventure

Sue Fliess - How to Spook a Ghost

AJ Irving - Dance Like a Leaf

Sue Ganz-Schmitt - That Monster on the Block

Helen H. Wu - Long Goes to Dragon School

Laura Lavoie - Monster Baker

Marzieh Abbas - Nadia & Nadir (NEW Series)

Mariana Llanos - Benita and the Night Creatures

Lisa Stringfellow - A Comb of Wishes

Kaz Windness - Bitsy Bat

Vicky Fang - The Boo Crew Needs You

Margery Cuyler - Boanparte Falls Apart

Michele McAvoy - Willa the Werewolf

Michael Regina - The Sleepover & Adamsville

Nancy Churnin - Lila and the Jack-o'-Lantern: Halloween Comes to America

Megan & Jorge Lacera - The Wild Ones

Kelly DiPucchio - Zombie in Love

Gayle Krause - Zadie and the Witch's Tea

David Rodriguez-Lorenzo - Moldilocks and the Three Scares

Laura Suárez - Monster Support Group

Frank Tupta - How to Build a Haunted House

Brooke Hartman - Klyde the Kraken Wants a Friend

Tracey Baptiste - The Jumbies

Andrew Auseon - The Spellbinders

Scott Brown - The Curse of the Werepenguins

Mo Netz - The Lumbering Giants of Windy Pines

Lisa Schmid - Hart & Souls

Heather Macht & Lynne Marie - It's a SURPRISE from both of us! (Muwahahahaha!)

Please join us in giving the BIGGEST round of applause to all our amazing guests. We could not have such a successful event without them.

Thanks again for tuning in, everyone. We look forward to Trick-or-Treating with all of you soon!

Heather & Lynne Marie



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