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Trick-or-Treat Winners Announced!

Hello, readers! #SeasonsOfKidLit is here to pass out some sweet treats from our #TrickOrTreat event. Get your Trick-or-Treat buckets ready because HERE WE GO!

The winners are...

  • Natalie Tanner won a skip-the-slushpile pass from Kaitlyn Sanchez!

  • Carrie S Fannin won a copy of Aliens Get the Sniffles, Too! OR a critique from Katie Duffield!

  • Misslisaproductions1 won a copy of Surviving a Zombie Attack from Black Rabbit Books!

  • Karenkovach won a SURPRISE treat from Donna Washington!

  • Andrew Fairchild won an Ask-Me-Anything Zoom Chat with Laura Lavoie!

  • HelloelizabethJames won a Query Critique from Fleur Bradley!

  • l.n.hollister5 won a signed copy of Daybreak at Raven Island from Fleur Bradley!

  • Andi Chitty won 2 signed copies of Goon Hunt from Mike Rex (and has already started enjoying them)!

  • Owens won a copy of AUTUMN LEAVES FALL and FOREST FRIENDS SLEEP from Amber Hendricks!

  • Hannah Croy won a copy of So Not Ghoul from Karen Yin!

  • Lindsey Hobson won a non-rhyming PB critique from Starry Forest Books!

  • CJ Penko won a signed copy of Logan’s Greenhouse PLUS a cooking apron from JaNay Brown-Wood!

  • Gustafson1 won a critique from Jorge and Megan Lacera!

  • Kidlitjennaj won a signed copy of Book 1 from The Woodlot Monster Mysteries PLUS a 25-minute virtual author visit from Heather Macht!

  • Katiecmcenaney won a copy of Applesauce Day from Agent Lisa Amstutz!

  • Jen Cowan won a copy of Spellbound from Jess Townes!

  • Whitney Myers won a copy of Ollie Oxley and The Ghost by Lisa Schmid!

  • Kathleen Lowry, Mariana.rios.rmz, and Ryann.jones117 won a Speed Pass from Lynne Marie!

  • Acmumford won a picture book critique from Kelly Swemba!

  • Sara Kruger won a signed copy of C.K. Malone’s picture book, A Costume for Charly!

  • Jennmoudahi and sharon.mccarthy0094 won a critique from C.K. Malone!

  • Jennifermillsbarnes won a Career Consultation with Linda Joy Singleton!

  • Janet Sheets won a surprise treat from Robin Newman!

  • Katie Brandyberry won a PB Zoom Critique from Brian Gehrlein!

  • Sandra Chambers won a copy of Quacks Like a Duck from Steph Campisi!

  • ClickingKeys won a copy of Trick Or Treat: Bugs to Eat OR a picture book or query critique from Tracy Gold!

  • Dealenihan won custom stickers from Disney Animator/Illustrator Annie Hobbs!

  • Mark Kennedy won a query critique from Agent Lynnette Novak!

  • Lauri Meyers won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Amy Houts won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Vgraboski61 won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Stephanie Maksymiw won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Sharon.dalgleish won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Donnajmarx won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Jksobanski won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Charispitcrew won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Kristie Drake won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

  • Natalie Tanner won a Speed Pass from Rate Your Story!

Lynne Marie and I will be in touch with our winners soon, connecting you with your prize donors (a HUGE thanks to them once again)! Don't forget, Marble Press is sharing the winners of their critique giveaway on November 17th! How exciting!

Don't forget, we have another #KidLit event filled with fun and amazing gifts coming this December. Thanks and #StayTuned!


Heather Macht and Lynne Marie


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