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Trick or Treat with Starry Forest Books!

Welcome to #SeasonsOfKidLit, everyone! Today, we are talking classics with the amazing Starry Forest Books! Starry Forest Books has an entire line of classical retellings for young kids, presented in an adorable and accessible way. Thier Baby's Classics' series features board books for ages 0-3 and includes a range of sweet titles, from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables to the not-so-spooky retellings of Bram Stoker's Dracula and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein! Want to know more about Starry Forest Books and their brilliant line of stories? Read on...

Q: Hello, Starry Forest Books. Thanks so much for joining us today! We’re excited to have you and learn more about your beautiful books, including Dracula and Frankenstein. First, can you share a little about Starry Forest Books’ mission in publishing?

A: Starry Forest Books is an independent children’s publisher passionate about making something beautiful. We believe that little readers deserve amazing books. For us, there is no detail—or reader—too small. We value quality storytelling, exceptional art, high production standards, and incomparable design to craft books that are treasured worldwide.

Q: Your books contain high-quality illustrations and cool topics, including Gaming and Greek Mythology, in a way that’s fun and accessible for small children. How did Starry Forest Books come up with such unique series?

A: The short answer is that we have a great team! Our authors and editors are librarians, teachers, parents, and caregivers. A lot of our ideas start from conversations like, "I wish I had this for my kids/nieces and nephews/classroom/story time.” Or, "I wish I had had this as a kid!"

Q: Your Baby’s Classics’ line includes retellings of some of the most beloved classics, including Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. What makes these titles (and this series) the perfect read for children?

A: Great classic stories should be accessible to everyone — even the littlest readers! The Baby's Classics series is specifically made with age-appropriate language and friendly art. Gothic Classics are surprisingly perfect for children because their themes explore what it's like to feel small, or new, or uncertain in a big, mysterious world, filled with possibilities.

Q: What can we expect to see from Starry Forest Books in the near future?

A: Our vision statement is “Make Something Beautiful” and we plan to continue pursuing that vision moving forward. This includes the development and growth of our existing brands, like our Baby’s Classics and Gamer Baby series, as well as stand-alone picture books. We’re thrilled that our first two stand-alone picture books just released in September: Cadence and Kittenfish: A Mermaid Tale by Judith L. Roth, illustrated by Jaclyn Sinquett--an adorable story about a mermaid who is certain that a kitten will make the perfect pet--and The End by John Bray, illustrated by Josh Cleland, which just received a Kirkus Star!

Q: Starry Forest Books has an open submissions’ policy. What kind of submissions are you hoping to find in your inbox?

A: We are interested in picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction for kids, all with distinctive voices and points of view. We value stories, characters, and art that are beautiful, funny, or both! We value diversity and inclusion in our creators and in our readers.

We love reading submissions and get excited about authors who write with imagination and generosity of heart. Writing or illustrating a story is about giving a special gift to the reader. We look for creators who care enough to write manuscript after manuscript, knowing it can take time to hone one’s craft, and who are open to collaborating with an editor to make their manuscript the best it can be.

Thanks again for joining us, Starry Forest Books! We can't wait to sink our teeth into all of your beautiful books!

Q: Would you like to leave a Trick or a Treat for the readers?

A: We are giving away a treat! You can enter to win a non-rhyming picture book manuscript critique from Starry Forest Books!

Thanks so much for such a terrific treat!

Contest Details: To enter to win a free picture book critique, follow Starry Forest Books on Twitter and comment below to let them know which series of theirs you can't wait to check out! The winner will be announced on or about November 4th.

Reminder: Those who leave a comment on all posts will be eligible to win one (1) of ten (10) Rate Your Story Speed Passes.

About Starry Forest Books:

Starry Forest Books is an independent publisher passionate about making something beautiful. Our titles range from board books to chapter books published under our Starry Forest® and Little Hero® imprints. At Starry Forest Books, there is no such thing as a detail—or a reader—too small. We believe little readers deserve amazing books, and we are dedicated to creating the best books for the earliest years of children’s lives.

For more about Starry Forest Books:

To purchase books from Starry Forest Books' classic series, click here!

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